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Your Tax Refund in Three Easy Steps

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To Start your Tax refund claim – contact us by phone, email or our handy apply now form.

A Customer Service agent, like Kasey pictured above, will make sure you have everything you need to start claiming tax back.

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We do the work

Leave it to us!  Frances (pictured above) and the Customer Administration team will put together all the information needed to max your refund!

Meanwhile you can relax and know we will keep you up to date by email and text.

You get the refund

Red Oak Tax Refunds operates on a strict NO REFUND, NO CHARGE basis. If you are not due a refund then you will not be charged a fee.

You receive independent notification of your refund direct from Revenue – and your refund is in your account within 3 days.

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No Refund, No Charge

We use our expertise to negotiate the tax maze and reclaim your tax back.  What’s more, if you don’t get a tax refund, we won’t charge for our services.

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Meet the Team

Red Oak Tax Refunds have been claiming tax back for our customers since 2007 and are proud to offer excellent service, customer focus and a skilled tax refund team.

We have a varied set of backgrounds and experiences – just like you, our customers – and aim to talk to you straight and jargon free about your tax circumstances.

Meet the Team


  • Income Tax Refunds
  • Income Levy Refunds
  • Rent Tax Credit Refunds
  • Universal Social Charge
  • Tax Back for Rent Paid
  • Medical Expense Tax Refunds


Red Oak Personal Financial Ltd, trading as Red Oak Tax Refunds is a privately owned company and is not part of the Office of the Revenue Commissioners of Ireland.  With Red Oak Tax Refunds, we offer full support and our expertise to ensure you get your maximum tax back, on a no refund, no charge basis.  You may alternately apply for a Tax Refund through the tax forms of the Revenue Commissioners of Ireland.