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Tax Refunds for Rent Paid

Tax Refunds for rent paid are still available for all the years 2012 – 2015!

Tax Refunds for Renting are some of the biggest Tax Refunds available  – If you have been renting continuously since Dec 7 2010, we expect you will be due Rent Relief Tax Credits of at least €720 – Double that if you are Married, or over 55!

Double refunds for renting are due if you are married or are over 55 years of old.

Are You Due Rent Relief Tax Refunds?

You are due a Tax Refund for Renting if you are renting from:

  • A Landlord
  • or an Estate Agent
  • or a Room in a Friends house
  • And have been renting continuously since December 7th 2010.

Tax Refunds for rent are no longer available to those who only started renting after that date.

How to Get Your Rent Tax Refund

We strive to make it as easy as possible to get Tax Refunds, especially where you have been renting.  All the information we need is contained in our Application form.

Or find out more about Rent Tax Refunds – Talk to our Tax Refund Agents on 05991 73300 or Send us your details on the Apply Now contact form and we’ll contact you.